The Off Season

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my off-season coming up.  To be honest, I love tri season, but it’s nice to have a mental break, in order to keep up motivation when it’s time to kick training back into high gear.  There is a part of me that feels guilty for looking forward to the off-season, but I know it is how I re-energize and reboot.  I’m excited to say “yes” to weekend invites, and week day dinner invites.  I know I will swim, bike, and run in the off-season because I love it, and of course I want to stay in shape, but I want to try to be a little less rigid during the off-season and feel free to do whatever I want, for example take a dance class, or go skiing, etc.  I know that by taking a few months “off” I will feel all the excitement come back to me next season!  I’m actually already excited to train for my first full Ironman next year, but that’s exactly what I want to protect myself from, aka burn out.

Ever since I graduated college I have not wanted to touch a soccer ball.  I still love going to watch soccer games, and I love the sport, but I got completely burnt out.  I don’t want this to happen to me with triathlon.  The three different sports definitely keep it fun and keep workouts from getting boring, but my goal is to make sure I always love it like I do right now.  I live and breathe triathlon and I hope to spend my life racing with passion.  So, my off-season commences October 1st and it ends February 1st.  4 months of absolute spontaneity, I hope.  I’m not great at being spontaneous but I’m hoping I can learn to be so that I can have more balance in my life, since when training season comes I’m very focused and follow a pretty regimented schedule, probably like the rest of you fellow triathletes.  I would love to travel a little bit and not worry about not having my bike or there not being a swimming pool, and to sleep in a bit on the weekends.  I am and will always be a morning person, but that 5am or 6am wake up call isn’t always fun.  In fact, I’d say I’m much more of a 7am or 8am wake up kind of girl.  Maybe I will be even a little more rebellious and sleep til 10;)

How do you plan on spending your off-season?  Have you thought about it?

3 thoughts on “The Off Season

  1. i took this whole year off from racing because i overdid the few years prior. its been awesome to get back to just swimming, riding and running for fun. sure, i still push myself to new limits, but its not like i’m training for something specific. 2011, though, will be a killer year. going to try and do the LTF and Nautica series. it pays to date a fellow triathlete….especially when she works for United and we fly free!

    by the way, winter training blows. prep yourself for it now….haha.

  2. i just did a post kind of on this today 🙂 i am coming off my off season starting next week. its the first time i have really given myself an extended one and it was really nice!! running because i wanted to rather than because my schedule said to.

    • I just read your post! How amazing did 4 months feel? I have my 2011 season planned, and as pumped as I am for it, I know that mental breaks are necessary! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like they need a break:)

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