Liquido Active and Jolyn Clothing Review

I recently tried out some new leggings by Liquido Active that I’m in love with! They are so fun! They are functional and really comfortable. I went for a walk in them, did some yoga, and I could definitely see myself taking a bootcamp or some kind of functional fitness class in these leggings. Either way, I felt sexy, hot and super confident in them. 🙂 That’s the point of clothes, right?! To feel good about yourself? Well these definitely did just that! Well done Liquido! They have a ton of other super fun designs.



I also swam for the first time in a bikini. Like swim swim. I tried Jolyn Clothing swimsuits because I saw a few people at the pool wearing them and thought they were really cute. So, I couldn’t resist trying them myself. Everything stayed in place, and I was honestly impressed with it’s functionality. I’m always most worried about the bottoms coming off, or having to tie them so tight that I get love handles. Neither happened! I was so stoked!

DCIM100GOPROG0114874. DCIM100GOPROG0114813.


I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt funny hopping in the pool in a bikini, and the water hitting my tummy, but then I started to feel comfortable. I mean I love rocking a bikini. Let’s be real. But, for some reason I didn’t really associate looking hot in a bikini and working out in the pool. It’s kind of fun when being girly and sexy can come together with working hard and being competitive. 🙂 Are you a one piece or two piece swimsuit person, ladies?

One thought on “Liquido Active and Jolyn Clothing Review

  1. i have trained exclusively in Jolyn bikinis, they’re my fave! granted i have only had outdoor pools and i don’t take swimming seriously, but i think you can still be serious in a Jolyn swimsuit, 🙂 and cute. i do love those tights, i am going to check them out!

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