Get to Know Liquido Active

I recently have tried two pairs of Liquido Active leggings, and they are awesome! They are super soft and very flattering, especially on the booty. It’s crazy how some leggings just make our butts look better than other leggings. I have done yoga/strength and ran in them, and they are great for really, any kind of activity. They definitely don’t give any love handles and they are stretchy, yet not too stretchy, that they are great for ALL sizes. My only recommendation is to for sure wear underwear with these otherwise it’s not pretty if you know what I mean 😛 #cameltoe I know a lot of us ladies don’t wear underwear with our leggings, but I recommend it with these. 🙂



These tights in particular have a special meaning. This legging, called the African Sunrise Legging, has been designed exclusively for the Africa Yoga Project, in order to support their education and wellness projects throughout Africa. Liquido is donating 10% of all sales of the African Sunrise legging to the Africa Yoga Project to help them continue their programs and spread joy and awareness domestically and abroad.

AYP’s core activities include: yoga practice, meditation, self-exploration through inquiry, performing arts as a vehicle for empowerment, health education (HIV/AIDS), relationship building, and community activism. All programs are designed to increase physical, emotional and mental wellbeing on the individual level while also building healthy and empowered communities. Pretty cool project if you ask me. 🙂



So, you might be wondering, why do these leggings make the booty look so good? Well…they were designed and are made in BRAZIL!!! And we all know the Brazilians know how to show off their ASSets. 😛 Seriously. They know what they are doing. 🙂 liquido-24

Get yourself a pair here.

These are the other pair I have. I haven’t found too many that are as good at lululemon and athleta but these definitely live up to those standards!

Sunday IMG_0808 IMG_0807 IMG_0810

I definitely need more patterns!!! I can’t get enough!

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