What I’ve Been Wearing

Spring is in the air! Although some days it feels like fall here in San Diego, and other days like summer! It’s been seriously weird weather. I know. I know. How can San Diego have weird weather? But, honestly, once you get used to “Sunny San Diego”, when it rains, you are like “woah”, which it rained a lot last week. And when it goes from 80 degrees one day to a high of 50 the next, you’re like, what happened to my 70 degree sunny days, every day? And, when it comes to fashion this can seriously make a difference in what you choose to wear each day. As for the weather, yea, not so extreme.


Jcrew Shirt // JBrand Jeans from StitchFix // Toms Wedges // Jcrew NecklaceIMG_0548

Sanduk flip flops // Jeans from StitchFix // Shirt from Jcrew // Necklace from street market in Thailand // Sweater from StitchFixIMG_0605

Top from StitchFix // Jeans from Free People // Shoes from TobiΒ IMG_0629

Toms wedges // Joe’s Jeans // StitchFix topIMG_0854

Toms wedges // StitchFix pants // StitchFix top // StitchFix braceletIMG_1070

StitchFix skirt // Nordstrom’s Tank // StitchFix necklaceIMG_1112

American Rag boots // Tilly’s jeans // StitchFix tank // Urban Outfitters leather jacketIMG_1354Ipanema sandals // Banana Republic Dress

Want to try StitchFix? Give it a shot here using my referral link –> here. I promise it’s worth it πŸ™‚

I swear I’m going to post fashion posts more often! It’s on my priority list to get these going weekly! Because, let’s be honest. I LOVE fashion and I want it to be a staple in this blog, just as much as fitness is πŸ™‚

I would love for you all to share some links to some of your favorite pieces you are seeing this spring/summer! Share away! πŸ™‚



StitchFix Review #6

This may only be my 6th StitchFix review on the blog, but honestly this is probably my 14th box! I didn’t want to overwhelm you all with my StitchFix reviews, but if you love them, let me know, and I … Continue reading

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New York City Packing List

I’m leaving for New York City for a 3 day work trip tomorrow, and immediately I start playing the “what if” game, before I know it, I’m not fitting everything in a carry on, and suddenly my largest suitcase is coming with me. I then half to play the “you probably won’t need this” game, and with a few eliminations, I’m set with a solid set of outfits, including workout outfits, that will get me through a busy 3 day trip to NYC.

I haven’t been to NYC in probably 18yrs. Seriously. The last time I was there, I was 12. So, I’m excited to see a little bit of the sights. Since, it’s work, there will not be too much time for play, but I only have one really big “must do”, and that’s run in Central Park. Fortunately, our hotel is 2 miles from central park, so I’m thinking I’ll try to fit in an 8 mile run, 2 there, 4 in the park, and 2 back. πŸ™‚ Our hotel also has a 24hr fitness center, so I’m hoping to get a workout or two in there, as well.

So, what am I packing?


2 casual outfits //

IMG_6062 IMG_6063

1 Biz Outfit //


1 Casual, but nice “go out” outfit //


2 Workout Outfits //

IMG_6065 IMG_6066

My favorite part about running is you don’t need much. Just shoes and some workout clothes. And you can do it anywhere, no equipment required.

Besides that, I will probably bring my camera, my gopro, a purse, a large tote, jewelry, and toiletries (obviously). See you all when I touch down in New York!



Weekday Wardrobe

This week was a combination of old and new. πŸ™‚ It’s finally getting to be fall weather around here. I’m waking up and it’s 55-60 degrees. Yes, I know that’s still warm, but that’s cold here for San Diego! So, … Continue reading

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Weekday Wardrobe

Life has been a bit crazy the past two weeks, and I haven’t been the best at taking photos every single day of my outfits, or getting this post up! So, here is a compilation of outfits over the past two weeks. πŸ™‚


Top – Sanctuary (StitchFix) P.S I’m obsessed with this sweater! // William Rast Jeans // Old Navy Flip Flops // Earrings – Brighton


Top – Urban Outfitters // Joe’s Jeans // Shoes – Tom’s // Earrings – Claire’s


Top – Urban Outfitters // Joe’s Jeans // Shoes – Tom’s // Earrings – Claire’s


Top – Tart (StitchFix) // Joe’s Jeans // Vans


Sweater – Sanctuary (StitchFix) // Kensie Jean’s (StitchFix) // Steve Madden Booties


Top – Three Dots (StitchFix) // Free People Jeans // Anthropologie Boots // Earrings – Claire’s // Sunnies – Oakley Women


Top – Sanctuary (StitchFix) // Jeans – Free People // Tom’s



Jacket – Urban Outfitters // Dress – Francesca’s // Boots – Anthropologie // Earrings – Claire’s

StitchFix just keeps getting better. I receive my 10th box on Monday, and honestly every box my stylist improves more and more, and it is exactly what I’m looking for. I highly recommend this service if you haven’t tried it yet. I would LOVE it and give you much thanks if you use my referral code if you decide to give it a try! Any of the links above work, or you can use it here. If you get overwhelmed with shopping, or you don’t have the time for it, but you love clothes or want to give yourself a make over, then try this! I promise you won’t regret it. Best thing that ever happened to me. πŸ™‚ I LOVE fashion, but I hate shopping. So, it’s a win-win!

Hope you all had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!



Weekday Wardrobe

This week’s weekday wardrobe. Monday was a holiday – Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone enjoyed a 4 day work week. I sure did! Although, it was jam packed last weekend with the Swim24 Challenge. Which exhausted me, and now this week, I’m trying to catch up on blogging, sleep, and just things around the house and errands. Like get my oil changed! Dang, that always sneaks up on me!




Top – Urban Outfitters // Jeans – Free People // Shoes – Michael Kors


Top – H&M // Jeans – Tilly’s // Shoes – Vans // Bracelet – Francesca’s // Earrings – Bay to Baubles (from a StitchFix shipment)


Hair – one side funky with the french braid, the other side classy with the low messy bun.


Dress – 41Hawthorn (StitchFix) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – 31Bits (StitchFix) // Earrings – Claire’s


I usually blow dry my hair with my head flipped over, today I blew it dry like how hair stylist do. To be honest, I’m not sure I really notice a difference. I feel like when I flip my head over, it gives me more volume. Do you flip your head over or blow dry standing up straight?


Casual Friday this week. I honestly just felt like being in my workout clothes, even though I didn’t workout yesterday. Top – lululemon (power Y) // Pants – lululemon (wunder under crops) // Shoes – Saucony Kinvara 5


This is the I want to look cute, but I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair look. I often do this little twisty thing in my hair when my hair is wet, and I don’t want to actually do it. Going to try to put together a vlog series of the different hairstyles I do, because if I can do them, you can! πŸ™‚

Happy Weekend!



Weekday Wardrobe

This past week I was in Whistler and Vancouver for the beginning of the week, as I just did Ironman Canada in Whistler, last Sunday. You can read about my race here. Here’s what I wore this past week:






Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Tank – lululemon // Crops – lululemon // Shoes – not shown – Saucony


Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Dress – Francesca’s // Shoes – Target // Bag – Oakley Women


Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Bikini – Ocean Folk


Earrings – StitchFix (Bay to Baubles) // Tank – H&M // Shorts – StitchFix (Level 99) // Shoes – Toms


Earrings – Claire’s // Tank – American Eagle // Jeans – William Rast // Sandals – Sanduk

Yay for the weekend!


Weekday Wardrobe

Things are getting crazy around here with Ironman Canada this weekend. I leave for Whistler tomorrow! Will try to post while I’m up there. πŸ™‚

Here’s what I wore last week:

Monday (1)

Dress – Myan – from Francesca’s // Shoes – Toms // Earrings – Francesca’s // Bracelet – Zad


Top – Sanctuary (from Stitchfix) // Pants – Margaret M (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Toms // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Dress – Miami (from Francesca’s) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – Joe’s Jeans // Top – 41Hawthorn (from Stitchfix) // Sandals – Target // Bracelet – Cindy Vega Jewelry // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – American Eagle // Top – Collective Concepts (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Claire’s

Weekday Wardrobe

This week was a crazy busy week! I was trying to do everything, which is never feasibly possible. My life will slow down or at least there will be time for more blogging in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to start doing it more frequently again!

I also really like my feet to be comfortable, so I either wear sandals, or cute sneakers, and then when I wear anything with height, I love a good wedge, or I invest in really nice heals. But for me, I always have a strap. I can’t walk very well in “typical” high heels, plus they aren’t really my style. So, here’s what I wore:



Urban Outfitters Tank // Joe’s Jeans // Sandals from Target // Earrings from Claire’s


Dress came in my first everΒ StitchFix box back in February // Michael Kors shoes // Zad bracelet // Claire’s earrings


Earrings from Claire’s // Top from Urban Outfitters // Jeans from Urban Outfitters // Bracelets from Cindy Vega Jewelry // Shoes from Vans


Earrings from Claire’s // Dress from Urban Outfitters // Shoes from Michael Kors


Earrings from Banana Republic // Top from one of my StitchFix boxes // Joe’s Jeans // Tom’s Wedges

Question: Are you one of those people that when you find a brand you like you stick with it? Or do you tend to shop a lot of different places?

Weekday Wardrobe

First, I have to apologize for the lacking of posting this past week. Honestly, it was my last BIG week of Ironman training, and I just didn’t have time. Between work, training, and life, blogging kind of fell by the wayside. But, now that my BIG week is behind me, I can resume to almost regular blogging. 3 weeks til Ironman Whistler, which if you are interested in following my triathlon/running journey, you can join me over at www.katiehartmorse.com. After that race, then I will resume totally regular blogging. So, bare with me these next few weeks! And back to making fun YouTube videos too!

So, I currently work full time as a social media project manager. This is this past week’s weekday wardrobe. πŸ™‚


Top – Boutique in the British Virgin Islands // Joe’s Jeans // Toms // Accessories – Brighton


Top – Banana Republic // Joe’s jeans // Michael Kors // Brighton // Zad


Dress – H&M // Shoes – Target // Jewelry – Claire’s


Top – 41 Hawthorn // Pants – Free People // Toms // Earrings – Nordstrom’s


Cami – Sun Diego // Shorts & Shoes – Target // Bracelet – Zad