Life Lesson and Quotes of the Week

Do you ever feel like you have to be perfect? Are you ever afraid that if you aren’t perfect that people won’t like you? But, maybe your version of “perfect” is different from someone else’s version of “perfect”. Are you afraid of someone truly getting to know you? Are you afraid of letting people in? Letting people get close to you?


I swear as I’m getting to know someone new, a boss, a friend, a potential boyfriend, etc. I always start to get discouraged when things aren’t “perfect”. I get scared. Are they going to run? What if something bothers me about them? Should I say something? If I say something will it ruin the relationship we are building? Relationships of all kinds aren’t perfect, and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to try to let go of “perfection”. No one is perfect. We all have insecurities. We all have moments of weakness. Moments of jealousy, sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration. But, we all also have moments of love, affection, admiration, inspiration, and happiness. We are all one big mess of emotions. We can’t “keep it together” all the time. We have to have people in our lives, bosses, friends, significant others, who we feel like we can let down our guard and be ourselves with. We all have qualities that will annoy someone out there, and people have qualities that will annoy us.


I think we all have to own our insecurities and annoyances and if someone can’t put up with them, just know that there are people who will. 🙂 What are the annoying habits that you can tolerate? What are the annoying habits that are deal breakers? Can you handle someone who has jealous tendencies? Who’s extremely competitive? Who gets easily angered/frustrated? Can you handle someone who is a poor communicator? Can you handle someone who is needy? Can you handle someone who is super independent?


I’ve gone off on a tangent here, because what I really wanted to focus on this week is accepting our insecurities and moving on after insecure moments, and being OK with not having every moment of your life be “perfect”. For some reason, I care so much about making every single f’ing moment HAPPY AND FUN. I really struggle when things aren’t happy and fun and “perfect”. I can handle conflict totally fine, but then I want things to be fun and happy again, but then sometimes I get all caught up on how the conflict happened, and I blame myself, and think of what I could have done differently, and then I start getting really self-critical. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work, with friends, or a significant other. I easily carry blame. Which is silly. We all need to accept our “sucky” moments and move on. They happen. Just like bad workouts happen. Not every single workout can be amazing. Although, I always wish they were. haha.


I think what’s most important is to be as self-loving as possible, and when you are having those sucky moments, remember what is so awesome about yourself, and start to remove that cloud that is hanging over you. As long as there are waaaaaay more awesome, beautiful, “perfect” moments than sucky ones in your life, then we are all good. Life is a roller coaster, there is no finish line. We are all constantly a work in progress and no one really knows what the “f” they are doing. We are all just trying to take it one day at a time and be happy. 🙂



Hope everyone is having a good week!